Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Since March...

Wellll.....long story short.  I'm catching up on everything from March to May to now.  Why?  I was working on scrapbooking Robbie's birthday and I asked Nick if he had any pictures of Robbie blowing out the candles (on his phone).  Yea!  He says.  So, I downloaded the pictures and 200 PICTURES LATER.  There ya go. 

My 33rd!  Yea for Banana Cream Pie!

Robbie playing with my present?  Nice.

We took a trip up to Missoula, Montana to meet Becka and her family.  This is at the mall there.


Children's Museum in Missoula.  The kids had a scream with the grocery store, water room, doctors office and play equipment.  Sooo fun!  Here is Robbie as a fireman!

Sleepover with Aunt Sam!

                             Easter 2012 in Iona, Idaho! 

Easter Bunny!


Some teenage twit swung the swing over the top of the railing and tied the chain into a knot.  We couldn't resist but fix it.  So we pulled out the acrobatic act.

Easter morning!  Pretty girl!!

Handsome Fella!

Back in Virginia!!

Museum of Natural History.  Rar.

Ami's first day on the School bus!

Livin' it up while sister is in school!  Chocolate donut.  No more needs to be said.

EU Embassy weekend.  Ami is trying to kick the soccer ball to win a prize.

Soccer star is also trying to win a prize.  SOCCER!

And, Mom wins the prize.  I kicked the goal and won a T-shirt.  Go me.
 Nick's office!  Very exciting.


Miri said...

Is Robbie wearing a fedora in that Easter pic? He's so cute!