Monday, February 6, 2012


January is my least fav month.  Just a whole lot of nuthin, cold, and nuthin.  So we had to amuse ourselves otherwise!  January is my least fav month. Just a whole lot of nuthin, cold, and nuthin. So we had to amuse ourselves otherwise! The kids play and play. It is fun to see them play with each other instead of near each other. Nick works and I pinterest (is that a verb?). Anyway, we are all doing great and moving forward.

We love our Robbie.  His personality makes us laugh every day.  He is really in to Superheroes (he has jammies for the characters and many times the jammies turn into day-wear), minions and books.  This is him watching a move and having a snack.

Do do da do! 

Ami and her BFF's at school.  Ami is so amazing.  She is reading, writing and doing great.

This is Ami doing gymnastics.  She's been doing it since this fall and is loving it.  Her favorite thing to do is backward rolls.

Chocolate Gingerbread House

Someone gave my Mom a Gingerbread house kit.  Fun, I thought.  So, I opened the box and there were molds instead of gingerbread.  Bring on the chocolate!  It was SO fun and it turned out great.

Kids Side

Mom's Side

The House!

Munchin' on the House!

The Wreckage.

Christmas 2011!

One of our family traditions is making candy at Christmas time.  We always go overboard and it is great.  The kids love to help, especially when it comes time to dip the chocolates!

Making Peanut Butter Truffles. Well, Ami and I made the truffles and Robbie ate the liquid chocolate. 


Christmas Morning!  We had Christmas in Bern!  We had a blast.  Grandpa took the kids out every day on the snow machine and we visited and visited with everyone.  It was great!

Checkin' out the Loot!


Emily's Baby Shower

My friend Emily was having a baby (well she's had it now) but we used it as an awesome excuse to have a little reu!  Jaclyn did the food and decorations and I did the cupcakes (she definetely did most of the work but she did crazy amazing). 

Baby boy cupcakes

Katrina, Emily, Me, Jaclyn

Family Pix!

Ami is 5 1/2 and Robbie is 2 1/2.  They are totally crazy and we love them!

Ami, Rachel, Robbie, and Nick

Ami and Robbie!

Sunflower cupcakes and misc stuff up to Christmas.

Yeah, yeah yeah.  I'm behind. But, I'll do my best to catch up.  Wahoo!

For my aunt's birthday, I decided to make sunshiny sunflower cupcakes.  The pictures are kinda blurry but you'll get the idea.  They are super fun.

I like to help with the festival of trees every year so I made some fun cookies for the bake sale.  I love them!  Melted Snowmen!