Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm 30.

Wow. I'm thirty. I remember when that seemed oh so far away. Now I'm thirty and almost 8 months pregnant. Whoo. Time is a crazy thing.

March Adventures

We had a CRAZY March (so far anyway). First we took off to Idaho to visit with family and Nick took off to Dubai! The following are picture highlights. Enjoy.

Our trip to Idaho was SO fun. Amelia had a great time spending time with her "Grandma-grandpa" (they were combined rarely said alone). In Bern, she had a real "Farm Eieioo" Experience.

Ami even got to ride a for real horse and be a cow girl. "Ye haw" as she says.

We visited the cows and pigs.

Ami loved seeing the cows but not so much there smell. We've been potty training so our focus and really been on the project. As we were walking outside, my astute two year old said, "Ewww Mamma. Icky!" I explained that yes it stunk but that was just how cows and a farm in general smellled. She got this exasperated look on her face, "Cows wipe bums." Goll, dumb cows.

Getting Eggs from REAL chickens (who, by the way were, HUGE...I was seriously scared they were going to charge. Has anyone ever been gored by a rooster....)

Making breakfast with our fresh eggs.

So Tired. Being a helper girl is a big job.

Ami had just as much fun with her other set of grandparents in Idaho Falls. She played and played. She became very protective of "her" grandma. Becki (Rachel's sister) was visiting with her boys and Amelia had a complete melt down when "her" grandma hugged one of the boys. "My Grandma!!" Grandma had to do some quick thinking and explaining to slow the nuclear explosion. Ami loved playing with her cousins and I'm not sure Grandma and Grandpa's house will ever recover.
Here is some pictures of Nick's trip to Dubai. He had a great experience and learned tons.
The classic view of the up and coming country.

View of a Souk.

There is one everywhere!

View of Dubai.

Dad brought Ami a belly dancing outfit!

Nick also brought me some beautiful jewlery and outfits. What a nice guy! We're glad he's home.