Monday, February 28, 2011

The fantastic and wonderful Bern

This last weekend we went to Bern, Idaho to visit Nick's parents. It turned out to be a fun and busy weekend. On Saturday, Nick's Mom picked up her Bountiful basket order and inside was a young coconut. We split it in half and put a smoothie inside. Robbie, obviously, thought it was amazing. Even after he spilt it all over his body (thus the child nakedness).

We also went to Rissa's inlaws Dairy/Sheep farm. Ami was entranced with the baby sheep. Robbie, not so much. Lazer boy (as my Dad affectionately calls him) had eyes only for the tractors. He and his cow boy boots were all over that thing.

"Um, hi. Where's the tractor?)

Bern has a plethora of SNOW. I wanted to cry, but Ami had a scream with her Aunt Rissa.

The snow man kit was very handy.

Ami could have spent all day with the lambs. She was even able to hold some that were born the night before.

Needless to say, we came back exhausted but fulfilled. Thanks Dave and Toni!

Retirement Party Cake

A lady at my Mom's work was retiring, so I was asked to make a cake. We did a "Surviving Retirement" theme. It was super fun and I learned tons!