Monday, October 22, 2007

The Toothbrush War

So, Amelia is a "big girl" now. She doesn't want the baby toothbrush, she wants a big one like moms. Needless to say, mom is getting a new toothbrush, tomorrow. Amelia has also discovered the sink is a fun place. Every chance she gets, it is her new lazyboy. Genetics. Go figure.

Amelia is definitely a true blue all-American girl. She loves her burger and fries. Recently, we went to a fav burger place (Five Guys) and got take out. We got home, set the bag on the floor and walked out. When we came back into the room...Amelia had staked her claim and it took a little bit of coercion to convince her that Mama and Dad wanted some too.

Our Ward just had their Annual fall festival/chili cookoff. It was a great time. We decided to go as a football team. Rachel went dressed as a football player (darn no pictures), Nick went as a coach and Amelia went as the cheerleader. After the chili festivities the ward then has a trunk or treat for the kids. Amelia discovered trick or treating. It took her a few cars to figure stuff out but when she realized all the candy was for her (yeah right, pretty sure mom and dad killed the whole lot after she went to bed...excepting the suckers. Do give us some credit) she got right into the game. She was so sticky afterwards. Whoo! This picture is a before shot. Her Dad has taught her the ever famous "touchdown!" signal. She even does it on command.