Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Amelia received a tutu for her birthday from her best friend. She wears it CONSTANTLY. We recently had a battle because she wanted to be a ballerina in the tub...uh no. ANYWAY, she recently learned how to pirouette. Very cute.

Asian Festival

One of the many advantages of living in Northern Virginia is that there are always cultural festivals going on in the city. We recently went to an Asian festival and had a chance to sample Eastern foods, games and cultural activities.

Amelia even had her hand painted!

Conversations with a 2 Year Old

We love our daughter. She is beautiful, strong, smart and funny in oh so many ways. Recently she has discovered the insect kingdom. Unfortunately in her mind all bugs are bees.

Amelia: Mamma a bee! (and doing a buzzing noise while waving her hand in the air)

Rachel: Honey, I think that is an ant.

Amelia: Bee

Rachel: Ant

Amelia: Baby bee?

Rachel: I'm pretty sure it is an ant sweetheart.

Amelia: No, bee.

Rachel: Uh, sure. (watching as the two year old crawls after the "bee")

Ants are related to bees right?

Busy Month!

This last month has been busy in every sense of the word. The end of May we went to Idaho Falls to visit family. It was a whirlwind of two weeks that included Joe's (my brother) mission farewell and departure, Great Grandpa Bodily's surprise birthday party, a trip to Bern to see Aunt Rissa graduate from high school, and a little party for Amelia and Grandma's birthday (pictures later). We partied.

It felt great to get home and be back with Nick and our life. Amelia's birthday is on June 3 and we got home on the 4th. So on June 6th we had a party with some of her friends at Hayes Park in Arlington, VA. It is a spray park, so water is spurting out everywhere and kids can run through the fountains. We also had a sandcastle cake. Everyone had a great time even though it was 100 degrees F.