Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week of Sep 23, 2007

Hi Everyone!

This week was super busy but we did a lot! Nick took a few midterms and did amazing!

On Wednesday, Rachel helped the beehives learn how to make pies to fulfill a Young Women personal progress goal (and they were beautiful!!).

On Thursday, Rachel took part in fundraiser for a presidential candidate. It was interesting and she really appreciated all of you who helped her fulfill her assigned goal. Go team!

On Friday, we all went to a football party at our friends' apartment. The pictures are of Amelia in her cheer leading costume. She was a good cheerer!
On Saturday, we went to the National Book Festival in DC. It was unbelievable! There were bus loads of people there! Amelia met some of her favorite PBS characters and we walked through some of the displays for various genre of books. It was really fun and Amelia mostly enjoyed being packed around in the back pack.

Hope everyone had a great week.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Virginia Beach Campout

Last weekend we went to Virginia Beach and camped at First Landing State Park. It was a blast! We weren't sure how Amelia would react to the ocean but our curiousity definetely vanished the second her monkey toes hit the sand. She took off running. She was pointing at rocks, chasing crabs and sea gulls (also trying to convince the sea gulls that sand was good to eat) and splashing in the water. She was, as my Dad fondly refers to her, a blonde tornado. Mia was so enthusiastic; Nick had to jump in the water a few times so she didn't float off to sea. We even saw Dolphins!

This was our first camping trip without our parents culinary camping skills and we fared pretty well. We know not what to do next time and our cobbler turned out lip smacking good.

The portable DVD player also came in handy when we were trying to, well let's get real here. A 16 month bundle of curiousity can be too much help sometimes.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


We've joined the crowd. We are blogging. We hope all is well with you and are excited to hear from you.

Nick, Rachel and Amelia