Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hangin' in Virginia

We are soo excited to be back in Virginia.  We will miss our families in the west, but the weather, the opportunities and everything else.  Well, let's just say it is good to be home.

We love Virginia, but what can we say?  Boise State.

Sidewalks as far as we can see.  Bring on the big wheel!

4th of July Parade.  Aunt Sam came for a surprise visit!  The weather was nice, but too nice.  Record high.  The thermostat below is recorded proof.

110 Degrees Fahrenheit.  Seriously!!

Olympic party at the Ramptons.  Traci throws epic parties so we were thrilled to get to go.  I even won a silver medal
for my Baklava!

Trains!  We have a big basement full of toys.  Plenty of room for the train set!

Computer time.  Ami's favorite part of the day.

Wait, it's a boy, it's a fish, oh wait, it's Robbie!  Swimming lessons 2012.