Wednesday, August 8, 2012

6 Months Later and Rob's birthday

The last six months have been INSANE.  We have gone from living with my parents in Idaho Falls with NO job prospects to moving back to Virginia with a job at a law firm and enjoying a Virginia Summer.  How, What, who you ask?  I'll tell you.  On a cold (very cold) February morning, Robbie and I were making cup cakes.  Nick walked in wide eyed.  I looked up and he said, "I just got a job." I supportively replied, "No way.  With who?"  Incredulously, he said, "Stewart and Stewart." And they had given him the details of employment.  I just looked at him.Speechless (and for those of you who know me realize this is a big deal).  Fortunately, Nick had already planned a trip to Virginia to network, so instead he looked for a place to live.  Again, we were beyond blessed.  One of our friends had a townhouse that miraculously opened up in our time frame.  In the middle of April, Nick and his Dad hopped in our car hitched with a trailer and made the trek east.  The kids and I hopped on a plane and flew into Reagan National.  Ami started school 4 days later and we unpacked.  Whoo!  The ward is great and the neighborhood is phenomenal!  The kids can ride on sidewalks as far as they can see and there are oodles of kids to play with.  We feel blessed, lucky and fortunate to have a job in the right field.

Robbie had his birthday and turned 3!!!!  We went to the Baltimore Children's Museum.  Here is his cake.

Green Robot!

SOOO Excited

Tool box!

Here are some of our adventures at the children's museum.

In King Tut's Tomb (kinda)

Workin in the Diner

No caption needed

No caption needed