Thursday, November 3, 2011


Halloween was SO busy.  We went trick or treating at a community event, trick or treating to the library, a trunk or treat event and actual trick or treating (Ami would've gone all night...but the Idaho wind got to her.  He he.)

Superheroes!  Spidaman and Firestar!

Da da da da!

On Halloween.  Watch out.  They are coming to save the day!

Trunk or treating.  I was Catwoman, and Nick was Captain America.  Nick's costume
was CRAZY AMAZING.  But, I didn't take a picture.  Slacker and my mother-in-law is going to hurt me.
But it was fun.

Pumpkin Carving

Yea for pumpkin carving!!  We had a great time and yes, power tools were involved.  Go team.

Cute, yes.  Kinda dangerous.  Yes.  What is he plotting...
Not afraid of the guts this year baby!

Um yeah.

Pumpkin or gourd?  We don't know.  But it did give an excuse for the drills and saws to come out.

Fall Foods

I love doing fun stuff with food.  Halloween always inspires me to be kinda goofy.  Here are some fun foods that we have done.

Angry Birds Pizza.  He he. :)

Owl Meatball.

Pumpkin Cupcake for School Carnival

Another view of pumpkin cupcake.

Scaredy Cat Cupcake for School Carnival.

Scaredy Cat Cupcake for School Carnival.

Sometimes you have to giggle.

Sometimes my kids make me laugh (alright more than sometimes, most of the time).  But this morning was particularly funny.  We are battling this ....cold that is going around.  Soo we all have 'froggy' voices and coughs.  The kids were sitting on the couch when Robbie went to say something.  It came out scratchy and Nick told  him, "Ops! Looks like a frog is in your throat!" Robbie's eyes got big, and Ami as the all knowing older sibling says, "It's okay bud.  I'll get it.  Pretend my finger is a fly and the frog will jump out to get it.  No frog problem."  Robbie then says. "Kay!" He hops down off of the couch and proceeds to jump around the room, like a frog, saying "Robert!  Robert!  Robert!" (His interpretation of 'ribbit.')  Needless to say granola about came out my nose. 

Gotta love 'em.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Fav.

Having a bad day?  I have your solution.  Not too long ago I was feeling down and out.  I had a bar of chocolate that my husband gave to me in jest.  It was a Lindt chocolate bar with chili pepper in it.  Gross you say?  I was desperate.  So I broke off a square and popped it in my mouth.  I didn't taste any pepper until the chocolate was gone and then felt a little tingle on my tongue.  Honestly my whole day was brightened.  It was fun, new and very delicious.  I highly recommend it for any occasion.

First day of Kindergarten

Ami was SO  excited for school.  I was excited for her.  No tears on either of our parts.

Robbie had new shoes and a back pack too.  It took a while to convince him that he wasn't getting out of the car.  Funny how we can't leave him in nursery but he was set for kindergarten.

Ahh, cute kids.

Here she is!  Ready for the big day and hopping with excitement.

We celebrated and had a picnic afterwards at the park.

Swimming lessons!

The last part of July and the beginning of August was filled with swimming lessons.  The kids had a great time and improved SO much.  Ami gained some confidence and her fear of the water diminished significantly.  Robbie is a natural fish.  No fear.  At the end of the lessons he was able to jump in the water and float to the top and naturally float.  They did so great.

Ami started floating on her back.  She is awesome!

Robbie, the nut, begged and begged to go down the water slide.  His teacher finally relented and he had a scream.

I don't know what was more fun for him.  Playing in the water or playing in the locker room.  He's 2.

The Wedding!

At the beginning of August, my brother Joe got married.  It was a busy week  but it ended up great.  The wedding dinner was a huge success, of course, and the reception was beautiful.  It was held in my grandparents' orchard.  I did the wedding cake and admittedly it was fun.  I was kinda stressed that Elsha wouldn't like it but she did and it worked out great.

The kids of course had fun dressing up and running mad through the orchard.

Ami had a princess dress, and she duly played the part.   Her Aunt Becki even did her hair so she felt very fancy.

Robbie had a scream.  Even though he had to wear a suit and tie it didn't slow him down.  At. All.

Ami had a cute flower bouquet and Hunter improvised.  They looked so cute together. 

Obviously the kids weren't the only ones having fun.  Grandpa joined in until he was "asked" to be in pictures.

This picture frankly scares me on so many levels.  1) What are they laughing at.  2) I think it is a glimpse  into the future say, 10 years.  These two already have plotted and planned.  Who knows what the plans will become when they're imaginations and bodies are bigger.
I had to wait until the very last minute to do some finishing touches on the actual cake.  It is definitely my favorite of all the cakes I've done.  I made roses, fresias, and chrysanthemums, and then some little highlight flowers and leaves.  I learned tons about flower making and had a blast.  

Our family has a tradition of groomsman cakes.  My bro served his mission in Japan and so we went with an Eastern theme.  It turned out pretty well.

Below the wedding cake were 200 cupcakes.  I highlighted some of the cupcakes with chocolate inserts.  Some were squiggles and some and "J+E".  The cupcakes were delicious and pretty.

Here is the finished produce with cake and cupcakes.  I loved how the sunlight hits the tower.  I can't wait to see the official pictures.

Here is the final cake.

4th of July in Bear Lake

My Mother in Law is in the Primary Presidency, and the Bern Ward was having a float in the Paris, Idaho 4th of July Parade.   SOOOO....we were in it to.  The kids felt like rock stars.  By the end of the parade, Ami had the princess wave down to an art.

Heading to the Parade

Family Picture!

Riding in the Parade

Aren't we cute!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cutest Kids Ever

We took some pictures of the kids while in Bear Lake.  Ami is 5 and Robbie is 2.  They are growing up so fast and we are loving how fun they are.  Ami is smart, sensitive and gaining a great sense of humor.  Robbie is hilarious.  Grandpa gave him the nick name of "Puck."  His vocabulary has sky-rocketed and loves to tease.

Bear Lake Adventures

It seems like we go to quiet Bear Lake and party the entire time we are there.  We went to the lake, played in Logan, played in Salt Lake and of course Montpelier.  Hogle Zoo was super fun and even though it was crazy hot the kids had a scream.

Waiting at the Bear Cave

Are the Fries ready yet?
Ropin' lessons from Grandpa


Ummm, do ya think he knows that the binky takes away from the "cool factor?"


We were celebrating Rissa's birthday and we went to the Mayan.  The kids thought it was great and I hadn't been in YEARS so it brought a lot of memories.

At the Mayan Restaurant.
If you have never been to the Discovery Center at the Gateway, YOU MUST GO.  It is super fun.  There are gigantic play places, a life size playhouse, a waterfall, a pretend farm, a life size helicopter for the kids to play on and many many more activities.  The kids could've played for HOURS.

Are you in there??

Always dramatic.  Period.
We also played on horses.  It was so cute to hear Robbie in this little squeeky voice saying, "I cowboy.  Ye haw ye haw!"

Ye haw!  Ye haw!
Bear lake is always fun.  It is like a little bubble where we can play and have no worries.  The kids love hanging out with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Derek and Aunt Rissa.  It is a great place.