Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bear Lake Adventures

It seems like we go to quiet Bear Lake and party the entire time we are there.  We went to the lake, played in Logan, played in Salt Lake and of course Montpelier.  Hogle Zoo was super fun and even though it was crazy hot the kids had a scream.

Waiting at the Bear Cave

Are the Fries ready yet?
Ropin' lessons from Grandpa


Ummm, do ya think he knows that the binky takes away from the "cool factor?"


We were celebrating Rissa's birthday and we went to the Mayan.  The kids thought it was great and I hadn't been in YEARS so it brought a lot of memories.

At the Mayan Restaurant.
If you have never been to the Discovery Center at the Gateway, YOU MUST GO.  It is super fun.  There are gigantic play places, a life size playhouse, a waterfall, a pretend farm, a life size helicopter for the kids to play on and many many more activities.  The kids could've played for HOURS.

Are you in there??

Always dramatic.  Period.
We also played on horses.  It was so cute to hear Robbie in this little squeeky voice saying, "I cowboy.  Ye haw ye haw!"

Ye haw!  Ye haw!
Bear lake is always fun.  It is like a little bubble where we can play and have no worries.  The kids love hanging out with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Derek and Aunt Rissa.  It is a great place.