Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Wedding!

At the beginning of August, my brother Joe got married.  It was a busy week  but it ended up great.  The wedding dinner was a huge success, of course, and the reception was beautiful.  It was held in my grandparents' orchard.  I did the wedding cake and admittedly it was fun.  I was kinda stressed that Elsha wouldn't like it but she did and it worked out great.

The kids of course had fun dressing up and running mad through the orchard.

Ami had a princess dress, and she duly played the part.   Her Aunt Becki even did her hair so she felt very fancy.

Robbie had a scream.  Even though he had to wear a suit and tie it didn't slow him down.  At. All.

Ami had a cute flower bouquet and Hunter improvised.  They looked so cute together. 

Obviously the kids weren't the only ones having fun.  Grandpa joined in until he was "asked" to be in pictures.

This picture frankly scares me on so many levels.  1) What are they laughing at.  2) I think it is a glimpse  into the future say, 10 years.  These two already have plotted and planned.  Who knows what the plans will become when they're imaginations and bodies are bigger.
I had to wait until the very last minute to do some finishing touches on the actual cake.  It is definitely my favorite of all the cakes I've done.  I made roses, fresias, and chrysanthemums, and then some little highlight flowers and leaves.  I learned tons about flower making and had a blast.  

Our family has a tradition of groomsman cakes.  My bro served his mission in Japan and so we went with an Eastern theme.  It turned out pretty well.

Below the wedding cake were 200 cupcakes.  I highlighted some of the cupcakes with chocolate inserts.  Some were squiggles and some and "J+E".  The cupcakes were delicious and pretty.

Here is the finished produce with cake and cupcakes.  I loved how the sunlight hits the tower.  I can't wait to see the official pictures.

Here is the final cake.