Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sometimes you have to giggle.

Sometimes my kids make me laugh (alright more than sometimes, most of the time).  But this morning was particularly funny.  We are battling this ....cold that is going around.  Soo we all have 'froggy' voices and coughs.  The kids were sitting on the couch when Robbie went to say something.  It came out scratchy and Nick told  him, "Ops! Looks like a frog is in your throat!" Robbie's eyes got big, and Ami as the all knowing older sibling says, "It's okay bud.  I'll get it.  Pretend my finger is a fly and the frog will jump out to get it.  No frog problem."  Robbie then says. "Kay!" He hops down off of the couch and proceeds to jump around the room, like a frog, saying "Robert!  Robert!  Robert!" (His interpretation of 'ribbit.')  Needless to say granola about came out my nose. 

Gotta love 'em.