Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In Idaho!

Because Nick is studying for the bar, we decided to spend the majority of the time in Idaho so he could study and we could Play! And boy did we! My brother, Joe, came home from his mission so we had a big shin dig for that, the 4th of July went down and just played and played and played in the summer sun. Now, I do use the word "summer" extremelly loosely. IT WAS FREEZING. I never thought I'd have to have jackets and drink hot chocolate to watch the 4th of July parade. It was out of control but we had a scream.

Robbie instantly became Grandpa's best bud. As soon as Grandpa walked in the door each evening, Robbie hauled buns and literally leaped into Grandpa's arms and gave him big kisses.

Here is the 4th of July parade, in jackets. Brr. Ami had a great opportunity to meet 2nd cousins.

Ami played with her new BFF Hunter (Becki's son). The two were inseperable and caused mass destruction wherever they were.

Here are the two kids playing at a park.

The kids loved Grandma. She spoiled them rotten and here was the nightly ritual of reading books before bedtime.

We had soo much fun and were glad we could stay so long. Everyone spoiled us rotten.


Bekah said...

We had so much fun seeing your family! We miss you, Hunter especially misses Ami! Love ya!

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