Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break!

Nick and Ami had different Spring Breaks this year so we celebrated both. Ha ha! During Nicks we made a few little day trips. One day we went to Baltimore, Maryland. It was amazing! We went to the National Aquarium and the Port Discovery Museum. Both were awesome and we had an amazing time. The museum was crazy! Here are some examples of the cowboy room and the Egyptian tomb room! Our favorite was the Egyptian room. We spent A LOT of time there. It was super cool and I recommend the museum to anyone!

On Saturday, March 27thh was the National Kite Festival. A friend called and invited us, and I said "Sure" thinking, "Sigh. Kites? Okay. It will get the kids out and about." IT WAS AWESOME. There were kites ranging from our $4 special (thanks Clark for picking it up) to really amazing/expensive dragon kites. It was held in the Mall in the District and you looked up and there were hundreds upon hundreds of kites!! Here's a little taste, but it doesn't do it justice.


I helped with Ami's preschool party. We made Easter bunny cupcakes and had flower shaped cheese with spring Ritz crackers. The kids also made easter cookies and picture frames. Everyone loved the food and fun.

And, Ami and Robbie enjoyed the cupcakes too.
This week we've been busy just doin' stuff. Tuesday, we went to the building museum, Wednesday we went to the Chik Filet play place and did shopping. Today, it was 75 degrees and sunny so we wondered around the Mall in D.C. and just ran everywhere. Ami was pooped. The World War II monument was super cool because they had a band playing American patriotic songs. It made it really special.


Rachel said...

Looks like fun! I've never been to the port museum. We'll definately have to check that one out!

JaredandJaclyn said...

Kite festival looks like fun. Your little Robbie looks like Nick. What a cutie!

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