Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life with a 3 year old

Any mother knows that life with a three year old can be hilariously frustrating. Amelia is going to preschool now and has gotten into the "by myself!" She is also discovering the amazingness of the alphabet. She is recognizing 'A', 'B,' 'W,' and letters that she sees often. The other day we were chatting about the names in our family while playing with fridge magnets (Ami, Mamma, Dad, Sami etc). She said "Robbie!" (or as she says it Wobbie). And I said, "kay we need to look for an R magnet." "No mamma, W." She states emphatically. Ummm.. "No sweetheart Robbie starts with an R." "Wa wa wa Wobbie." Ha ha. I decided to fight another battle for the time being.

She is also becoming very cognitive of her surroundings. She watched Disney's "Tinkerbell" and went into the kitchen and made a bridge. She was "Tinkering..."

She's also become quite the master of posing. She loves playing ballerina.