Monday, August 31, 2009

Candace's Birthday

One of my great friends had a birthday last week. She is so busy working full time, taking care of two kids and supporting her husband while he gets his Masters degree. She needed something fun.

So, I made her a cake. It was fun to do and turned out great.

August was a busy month. Nick finished his internship and had a great experience. The rest of us played and played and played. Here is Ami at a local spray park.

Nick had a few months of vacation before school started so we went to Ocean City, Maryland. We stayed at this great resort named the "Francis Scott Key Family Resort." It was super family friendly and very reasonable. Ami had a scream and Robbie endured it gracefully.

Here is Ami telling her Dad how to "put put golf." I was laughing so hard; tears were rolling down my face. Nick, unfortunately, didn't think it was that amusing.

The whole resort is pirate themed. And it had a splash park in the form of an enormous pirate ship. Here is Amelia in the splash park.

We loved our break and are slowly but surely getting back to a schedule!