Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Fling Church Activity

I have to say this was the most amazing church activity I have EVER BEEN TO!

It was so organized and had such great activities.

Amelia had a scream.

And, my cake even won first prize in the cake decorating contest! I was pretty excited.


NuggetsMom said...

Amazing cake! You are wicked talented. Glad you took a picture of your masterpiece!

Lea said...

I agree. Your cake is amazing! Lady-you have got talent!

Bekah said...

Wow, your cake is awesome! i still have the pictures of the one you made for Toni, I will email them to you! loves

April Bishop said...

LOVE the cake! Nice work!

JaredandJaclyn said...

Hey Rach! I haven't checked your blog for a while. Easter sounds like you had fun. When are you going to have your baby?