Monday, January 5, 2009

Week 18

Well, we are almost half way through the pregnancy. Yea! And, I have to admit it is going fast.

This is a "4 D" picture. Isn't technology amazing! This is a picture of the baby crossing his arm in front of HIS face. He wasn't so camera shy at first but he got tired.

Yep, it is official. We are having a boy. Our little man was not ashamed of his physique one bit. Watch out. The technician was even laughing.

Christmas Day!

New "Bob bob" pjs.

We are all about Ballerinas in our house. So, this year we had a Nutcracker Christmas (sorry about that Tim, ha ha). Anyway, Amelia got the ultimate ballerina tu tu from Santa. She even received some mirrors and a barre to practice her positions.

Candy for Breakfast. Yea for Christmas.

Activities during Christmas Break

Nick's younger sister, Sami, and brother, Greg, came to visit us for the Christmas holidays. We had a great time. We really appreciated them coming. We did a bunch of stuff while they were here. These are some pictures of the highlights.

American History Museum

National Geographic Museum

Christmas Festivities

Our Christmas tree received lots of love this year. Ami decorated it many times over as the holidays progressed. Every time we would leave or come home she would give the Christmas tree hugs. The first time we came home, after we took it down, was a big disappointment.

Every year my Mom made TONS of homemade chocolates. We've kept up the tradition. Ami had a SCREAM. And, it was fun to watch her. No worries to those of you who received treats from us; we did separate her master pieces from the ones we gave away!

Dippin' chocolates

Clean up time!

Cake Decorating Graduation

Yes, I finally completed my goal of doing 3 of the Wilton Cake Decorating classes. We learned out to use fondant and make some really beautiful flowers in course 3. Here was my final exam cake.

Craftiness Gone Wild

My Sister Becki had her 2nd little boy Tristan about a month ago. He is so cute and I wanted to make (yes, make) him something. I made her first son a 3 foot cross stitch growing chart. Cross stitching doesn't work with a toddler around so I decided to try my hand in sewing. I DO NOT sew. And to sew something is kinda ambitious since Becki is a MASTER quilter. In fact, sad as it was I had to go to a friends house so she could show me HOW to cut the fabric. Then after resting up for a few days some more friends came to my house with THEIR sewing machines to help me make a quilt. Sewing machines and I don't mix well. They hate me and the feeling is pretty mutual. Anyway, after much aid, frustration, and Ami learning the word "crap" we made a pretty darn cute (if I do say so myself) quilt for Tristan.

Would I do it again? Maybe.

Here is the end result.