Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Incredibles.

We LOVE Halloween. It is such a fun time to dress up, chat with neighbors and the guilt-free chow down on processed sugar!

Here's our costumes. (I think they rock!)

Dash (a.k.a. Amelia)

Mr. Incredible (a.k.a. Nick) and Dash

And, last but not least, Elastagirl (a.k.a Rachel)


Jenny Jill said...

I was just surfing around and spotted your great photos! What a lark. Great costumes.

We had not visitors here, we are in the country by a lake, but love our memories and vicarious images like yours!


Trav, Bekah, and Hunter Sommers said...

You all look great! So much fun, I bet Ami enjoyed every minute of it!

Richelle said...

Nice tights! :)

Jen said...

You guys are brave to wear that!

kiki said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the costumes!!

kiki said...

email me back.