Friday, April 25, 2008

Exploring Williamsburg

Over Spring Break, we decided to take a trip to Williamsburg (about 3 hours away). It was so fun. We rented a little cottage right outside the City of Williamsburg and were minutes away from old town, Jamestown and Yorktown. Here are some of the pictures.

This is a picture of Williamsburg while standing at the Governor's Mansion.

I "volunteered" to be a part of a court demonstration in the old Williamsburg courthouse. They must know trouble when they see it.

This is Amelia making flour in Jamestown. We start them early in this family!

Best Buds.

Finally, it isn't a vacation without a trip to the hotel's swimming pool.


Richelle said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Amelia looks like she is getting so big!

Julia said...

Hey Rachel...This is Julia Price from HS. Found you through Richelle's blog. Your family is so cute and I LOVE the name Amelia!

kiki said...

time to post something girlfriend!