Monday, March 24, 2008


Young or old, Easter is so fun. Whether you are searching for eggs, or watching others, it announces spring is coming soon and chocolate is great (like we needed and annoucement for that one!). Anyway, this weekend was really busy. We dyed eggs on Saturday. After Nick took the first egg out of the dye, Amelia's eyes opened wide and made a cheezy grin on her face and said, "Mo Daddy Mo! (i.e. Please Dad do it again. That is amazing!)"

On Sunday, Amelia woke up early and found the Easter Bunny had stopped at our house. Only on Easter, does Mom let candy be breakfast.

We got ready for church and all had new Easter clothes to wear. Even Amelia's doll had a dress.

Church went pretty well. The Choir gave a great program about Christ's resurrection and Nick gave a great lesson on the same topic. I also played my violin (shocker I know). It is so amazing how music touches you how no other method can. It is easy to forget the real reason we celebrate Easter but important to remember why Easter is a holiday, not only on some random day in March and April, but give thanks for it every day!


Richelle said...

You played your violin? Good job! :-)

Lainey said...

Hi there, I found your blog though Bekah's. Your family is cute. It's so fun to find old friends!

Lainey said...

I am just trying to find a place to live right now. The NIH is on the Red line at the Medical Center stop and so I am trying to find a place on that line, close to the metro...It's hard to know how safe different areas are... Thanks for offering to help. It would be fun to get together with you guys while we are out there.