Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas Extravaganza

We spent Christmas in Idaho with our families this year. We had a great time.

Amelia had an amazing time with numerous doting family members. She made out like a bandit. We aren't sure who had more fun, her Grandparents or the spoilee. But we all enjoyed seeing all of our family and savoring the Christmas season.

Christmas Picture

I kinda dropped the ball this year and we didn't get a family picture or pictures of Amelia out. Sorry. So, here are her Christmas pictures.
This is also her characteristic dancing whenever she decides to get her groove on.

National Geographic Museum

During Christmas break we decided to go into D.C. and visit the National Geographic Museum. They were having a ocean creature display (and since Finding Nemo is a new favorite) we thought Amelia would enjoy it. She loved it. She rode on giant turtles and was fascinated by the whale exhibit.

Our Little Sous Chef

Mia loves to help in the kitchen. Sometimes too much...but that is a different story. I had been baking bread and absent-mindly left the flour container out. Oops. We knew we were in trouble when she came out and put two flour handprints on the carpet in front of Nick. We ran into the kitchen and "our little helper" was, not dipping or experimenting, but swimming (breast stroking to be exact) through the spilled contents of the tipped over container. Super.