Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween Festivities

WE LOVE HALLOWEEN. The past week we have been preparing and reveling in the glory of free candy...I mean, enjoying the spirit of community and friendship that comes from going door to door with your dressed up munchkin. Ha ha. Amelia had a great time. On Monday, we carved pumpkins. Nick always gets really into the carving part and does something fancy. Mia wasn't so sure about the inside of the pumpkin and when we put her hand inside the pumpkin she whipped her arm out and gave us both a dirty look like "how dare you." Then I, being playful, put some of the pumpkin guts on her arm and she proceeded to fling them about the living room. Perfect. Mia got more into the pumpkin carving thing has we started carving and graciously decided to help Dad. He appreciated it to no end. Then just as Nick finished carving her pumpkin she decided it was like her shape box and started poking all of his hard work. Thank heavens for toothpicks!

The big day finally came. Amelia had been carrying her little candy pumpkin around for days saying "tee, tee" (treat, treat). So, we finally went. She dressed as Cinderella (her favorite movie, and one that I now have memorized). She had a great time. She got lots of candy (yeah, it's for her. We have sampled some of it for "safety" purposes). Amelia loved socializing with everyone. Since Halloween, however, it has been hard to convince her that she can't randomly knock on people's doors and expect candy. Whoo. How to explain that one. Anyway, hope everyone else had a great day too!