Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snoverkill 2010

I'm an Idaho girl. Proud and true. I'm a surviver when it comes to winter. As you may have heard, Virginia is currently in the middle of a record breaking snow fall. I don't even have words to describe the last week. This area comes to an absolute standstill with an inch of snow. In December, we received about 2 1/2 feet (appx), yes I said feet, of snow. Well, last week we received 4 or 5 inches. Everyone shut down and we said, okay whatever. Well, this weekend. Ha ha, this weekend we received 27 inches in one falling. THEN, the next day, it snowed some more. THEN, the next day it snowed SOME MORE. CA-RAZY. Costco has been closed for 2 days (a Tuesday and a Wednesday). This is dire times, my friends, dire times.

Here are some fun pictures.

(Ami's snowmen after the 1st storm)

(Shoveling after the second storm)

(White out conditions, after the third storm. The hill is now taller than the car.)


So, we've been beyond crazy the last few months. Because of the "Snowpocalyse," we've had a wee bit of time on our hands so I can catch up!

December: In December, we had the great opportunity to go home to Idaho. Needless to say we played and played, was spoiled by family, and played some more! Christmas was so great and it was so fun to see loved ones we haven't seen in forever. I would show pictures but many of them have me with no makeup. So, no pictures. Just use your vivid imagination.

Ami had tons of quality time with her favorite person (Aunt Sami). Here they are sledding.

January: We arrived home the second week in January and jumped right into our regular schedule.
AMI LOVES preschool. She goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the morning and I think is a definete sanity keeper for both of us. The preschool teachers are super experienced and love the kids. Ami is also in a ballet/tap class. She is so cute in her little tu tu and tap shoes. The class is absolute chaos, but some how they learn and are super cute! Her favorite food: Hot chocolate! Here is a picture of her making some hot cocoa.

ROBBIE is growing like crazy. He is now 8 1/2 Months old! He can roll over and is now creeping to get to the things he wants. He would much rather stand than sit, and loves to stand and hold onto the furniture. He thinks it is hilarious and giggles when he stands there. It scares me like crawling. Awesome. Yet, he has no teeth. He still manages to eat anything he can get his hands on. Currently his fav: Chobani yogurt (a greek yogurt) and ritz crackers.

(8 Months)

NICK: Nick is in the middle of the semester and as busy as ever. He is being published in a book about international arbritration, working on school work, and most importantly looking for a job! He graduates in May and we are excited for the new part of our life!

RACHEL: I'm busy being a Mom and keeping up with the kids while trying to lose this darn baby weight! I'm spring cleaning and that is a whole new adventure.